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Our vision is to create a data-service that can detect faraway vulnerabilities in real-time to help automate and simplify patching decisions.

What is FeedFocus?

FeedFocus is a vulnerability tracking & management solution that streamlines the process of identifying and aggregating vulnerability data.

It’s a single database that scours the internet to detect the latest vulnerabilities as soon as they happen and focuses all vulnerability data into a single feed. Originally conceived in the research laboratories of Cytenna, our Founders are internationally recognized computer scientists in cybersecurity and data science constantly innovating to provide you with better ways to connect the dots in an ever-rising sea of information.

What does FeedFocus Do?

We streamline the time-consuming process of aggregating vulnerability data from different sources in real-time.

FeedFocus unlocks access to a comprehensive number of vulnerability sources and monitors vulnerability data in real-time. It delivers focused relevant vulnerability data customized to your products and keywords.

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